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Website Launch Checklist

Here we share templates you can use to market your website. 

  1. Test Forms - Fill them out and check you get the email from the website. Check spam!

  2. Proofread - If proofreading was not included in your website scope - give it a good read though or use a free online spell checker (Just google them)

  3. Check Mobile - Take a look at your site on Mobile - is it working ok?

  4. Check All URL Links Work Ok - Can you access all the pages on your website

  5. Check site speed & Usability - Important that users can use it effectively

  6. Set Up Google Search Console - You need this for the next one on the list.

  7. Submit your website to Google and other search engines - If you want people to find you, this is important.

  8. Setup Google Analytics- This is how you will track traffic.

  9. Set UP & Verify Google My Business- This is super important too.

  10. Add Social Media Links -Good for SEO and the business

  11. Make sure every page has a meta tag and description - Learn more about this on our SEO guide

  12. Check your terms of service & Privacy policy - Every business should have these.

  13. Build important online directory links and profiles - Check our guides for more info (On your customer portal)

  14. Complete On-Page SEO - If this wasn't done as part of your build, you need to do it to help grow your traffic