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Rocketspark Support

The Rocketspark Customer Success crew should always be your first port of call. There are no dumb questions when it comes to what the team can help you on. Domain issues, website editing trouble or general enquiries, they have seen and heard it all.

Contact them from your Rocketspark dashboard

Logging into your Rocketspark website dashboard is the fastest way to get help from the Rocketspark team, so they know which website you are needing help with right away.

0800 ROCKET (0800 762 538).

Phone hours are 9am–4pm, Monday to Friday

KMDM Support

Need some help? No problem, let us point you in the right direction. We are here to support our customers as they need us via phone, email and chat.

Sales Queries

Chat to us about a website updates, a new-website or integration options anytime. Call Kaylene on 0273362407 or use our support request form.

Website Suppport

KMDM offers webiste support for all our websites. Our clients choose what type of on-going support they want based on their budgets.

KMDM Website Support includes:

  • We offer free support options within 3 months of go-live as outlined in agreements

  • And our team are available to update your website for you anytime. Our currently hourly rates are:

    • Min Request Fee $95 + GST (Up to 1 hour - So get a list together!)

    • Standard Updates $95 Hr + GST

    • Tech Updates $155 + GST

    • Custom Graphic Design $115 HR

    • Content Development (New Videos/Photos/Copywriting & More) $175 hr

Password resets 

Free via your website login dashboard. KMDM min admin fee for resets is $75 + GST


New Website Build - Check your contract for our agreed launch education options.  We can also provide Videos Of any Tasks you want to do personally on your specific website so you can keep them for future reference. Request a quote! 

We do not offer any other digital marketing training or services at this time. 

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