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Reputation Management - Why Reviews Are So Important

Reviews are everywhere and people read them!

They are the written form of influencer marketing and a modern-day infomercial, and everyone plays a part. The simple truth is that ratings and reviews will always affect consumers.  But the choice you need to make, as a business and as a consumer, is to decide how you’re going to make ratings work for you.

Let's think about how more reviews could help you...

  • they help customers decide on your product or service
  • they prove that you are credible or your products do what they are supposed to
  • they prove that you are (or are not) trustworthy
  • they improve your SEO and place you in front of consumers and business customers. 

The key is to make reviews WORK FOR YOU! (But don't depend on them) Any investments you make will amplify the great work you already do and make sure the world knows about it. Ultimately, your customers and their experiences are what will help you grow! 

KMDM Reputation Management Services

We offer a really cost effective review generation and management solution to include clever software that collects all the reviews you receive online, and review management to ensure you get the results you need. 

What you get: 

  • We collect reviews from multiple online locations such as Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor (And more!) and display them in one (or multiple places) place on your website as sliders, grids or whatever works for the space we have. 
  • You receive a custom-branded online form so people can leave a review directly on your website! 
  • Moderation - You can check which reviews show on the website easily and in one place
  • You receive an automatic weekly email telling you about any new reviews you have. 
  • You receive a custom link to add to emails/invoices to help generate more reviews
  • We provide you with a custom branded card with a unique QR code (Business card size) that you can hand out once you have done a job or project, or to send with products.  
  • We offer optional automated monthly posts on your Facebook Page asking people to read your reviews, and the opportunity for them to provide one!
  • We also offer optional monthly management plans that take care of everything for you. 

    Example Website Review Form

    We can add as many links as you want for locations that people can leave a review. Click below to see what happens!

    A few review display options for your website


    Ratings and customer feedback are what helps businesses develop more productively. It amplifies investments already made and the great work you already do so it is a cost effective way to approach to influencer marketing. 

    Best of all, once you are all set up, past customers do all the hard work for you!

    Happy Marketing!